Ladera Hotel In St Lucia Named Top Caribbean Resort By Travel + Leisure Magazine

One of St Lucia’s most coveted boutique properties has just earned a top ranking position on Travel + Leisure magazine’s annual World’s Best Awards 2012 Readers, a prestigious recognition the resort earned thanks to the outstanding quality of the holiday experiences they offer to guests. Having appeared in the magazine’s prestigious list of Top 10 Caribbean Resorts for the second year running, this time around the Ladera Resort managed to steal the number one spot.

To the surprise of no one and giving credit to the thousands of travellers who choose this spectacular luxury hotel as their number one destination for pampering St Lucia holidays, once again, the Ladera has been named one of Travel + Leisure’s favourite Caribbean resorts, thus marking 2012 as the seventh year in a row that the exclusive property has been singled out for praise by the discriminating and well-travelled readers of said travel magazine, one of the most popular in the industry.

The beautiful Ladera Resort, small, cosy and chic, yet legendary because of its dramatic location atop a panoramic hill. It has long been praised for its pioneering openair architecture, luxury services, superior quality of hospitality and ecofriendly practices at 1,100 feet above the Caribbean Sea.

The property is currently celebrating its 20th Anniversary Year in 2012 and to mark the special ocassion the resort’s pampering guests with unique specials. During Ladera’s 20th Anniversary Year, the resort is unveiling four additional connecting luxury onebedroom Hilltop Dream suites on Paradise Ridge, opening in October 2012.

“Each new Hilltop Dream Suite will feature the famously breath-taking vistas from the open living room and will include private infinity pools,” says Olivier Bottois, Ladera’s Vice President of Marketing & Operations.

“The openair bedrooms are designed and appointed with furnishings and fixtures consistent with Ladera’s sustainable practices.”

The resort’s awardwinning Dasheene restaurant is recognised as one of the top tables in the Caribbean, serving innovative West Indian cooking for even the most discerning of foodies. Ladera also features the intimate Ti Kaye Pose Spa and a spectacular 1,200 square foot Paradise Pavilion, where new outdoor Couples Massages are offered overlooking the Caribbean Sea and Pitons.

“Ladera is honoured to continue its legacy as a T+L reader favourite,” said Olivier Bottois, Ladera’s Vice President of Marketing & Operations.

“We strive to provide our guests with the most authentic St. Lucian experience, whether they come here for a wedding, a honeymoon, a sunset dinner, or simply the vacation of a lifetime. We’re thrilled that Travel + Leisure readers have recognised Ladera among the very best.”

If all this wasn’t enough to entice more travellers to plan deluxe holidays in St Lucia at the resort, the Ladera is also launching a new “Peak to Beach Package Collection” elevating the holiday experience for guests with the Best to Even Better Two Hotels, Three Luxury Package Experiences under a Single Easy Net Rate Cap Maison & Ladera Resort, St Lucia.

After the resounding success of the original Peak to Beach joint holiday package, the island’s 2 iconic luxury hotels, Ladera and Cap Maison, have partnered again to create the innovative, threetiered “Peak to Beach Package Collection”. The trio of unique sixnight packages provides guests with amazing holidays to St Lucia staying at two legendary St Lucia hotels located on opposite ends of this tropical island paradise and, depending on preference, an array of adventures and luxurious extras, all organised under a single, easy price.

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The Way To Keep Kids Lively And Amused

During vacation time, lots of children–and their parents–are searching for enjoyable actions to maintain them occupied. Dads and moms need look no additional than their native toy retailer for inspiration to keep children hectic, entertained and lively during the summer time months.

Bob Weinberg, Senior Vice president of Merchandising for KB Toys, the nation’s greatest mall-based toy retailer, offers a couple of enjoyable suggestions:

Burn up Some Energy-Encourage children to bring the whole neighborhood with each other with a friendly sports sport. Baseball, basketball, badminton and soccer are wonderful team sports activities for children of any skill stage. In addition to team sports activities, tennis is really an excellent method to invest time with your kids while teaching them coordination abilities. Kids will profit from your personal consideration and everyone will benefit through the fantastic exercise.

Keep Cool-On a very hot day of out of doors play, there is no far better way to cool off than with h2o play. Spice up a recreation of Marco Polo by using squirt guns like the Shield Blaster one thousand or add them to a game of seize the flag to add some pleasure. Kids normally will not thoughts becoming active on a hot day when a cool splash is in their potential.

Get the Enjoyable With You-If there is a holiday in your strategies, pack some entertaining journey toys to steer clear of hearing “are we there yet?” Minitravel games, including digital Sudoku puzzles, supply hrs of fun with unlimited puzzles and thousands and thousands of test issues. Video clip travel actions including the Disney Dream Sketchers inspire creativity and enable children to draw to the touch screen and produce lines, shapes, colors and patterns.

Do not Take a Holiday From Learning-Keep your child’s thoughts sharp with fun academic toys for instance VTech’s V. Smile Understanding Systems, which supply a combination of tv and video games to create an educational experience for youngsters ages three to 7. Tweens can enjoy LeapFrog’s Fly Pentop Computer that will do something from fixing math issues to recording your own tunes having a drum and keyboard.

Lastly, on a rainy day, visit a museum, nature middle or even a toy retailer that encourages interactivity along with a possibility to attempt the latest toys in the season. Shops like KB Toys stimulate kids (and children at coronary heart) to spend time enjoying with preferred toys, including the popular Bubble Bellies Bubble Maker-Bubblesaurus. Retailer associates could be a great resource and may help immediate you to special and popular toys, as well as present exercise concepts to aid prevent children’s boredom and parents’ headaches.

Children can have a bubbly excellent time with some of present day pleasant toys-sometimes right inside the retailer.

The Melting Pot Experience

If you are one crazy cheese lover like me, then surely you’ll go to any ends to find the best, cheesy meals around. And none come close to topping the cheesy goodness you’ll find at any one of the Melting Pot branches all over the United States. Here, you will find an array of the most delectable cheese (and chocolate!) fondues around. Not only do they offer fondues, they also have an entrée option where you cook your own seafood, meat, or vegetables in a specially made broth right in front of you! Talk about a first hand dining experience!

For the cheese fondues, the choices are almost endless. You can try the ever tasty Caribbean Cheese fondue, which consists of Gouda and grand queso cheeses, blended together with sweet and spicy peppadew peppers and the freshest garlic you can find. This lovely blend is topped off with scallions and a squeeze of lime juice. The traditional cheddar cheese fondue is a blend of medium sharp cheddar and Emmenthaler Swiss cheese, mixed with lager beer and garlic. The fiesta cheese fondue offers a kick of spiciness, made with different Mexican spices, jalapeno peppers, and salsa.

You can make this as spicy as you want, but be careful, this fondue bites. Next oon our list, we have the traditional Swiss fondue mix, which consists of Emmenthaler Swiss cheese and Gruyere, nutmeg, lemon, garlic, and kirschwasser, a colorless, fruit brandy from Germany. Melting pot also offers a Wisconsin Trio fondue, which consists of Fontina, butterkase, and buttermilk bleu cheeses, mized with scallions and just a pinch of sherry. Last but not least, we have the spinach artichoke cheese fondue, which also boasts a mix of fontina and butterkase, but with spinach, artichoke hearts, and garlic mixed right into the blend. Are all the different cheese denominations confusing you? Check out for all your cheesiest concerns.

The next best thing at the Melting Pot is the array of chocolate fondues you can choose from as well. The Original chocolate fondue features their signature milk chocolate with a swirl of peanut butter. For the kids, they offer a cookies and cream option, which has dark chocolate and marshmallow fluff mixed right in. For customers with a more sophisticated palate, Melting Pot offers the Disaronno Meltdown, Flaming Turtle, and the Bailey’s Irish Cream Dream.

Disaronno Meltdown is made with white chocolate and amaretto, Flaming Turtle is milk chocolate with chopped pecans and caramel, which is then flambéed tableside and Bailey’s Irish Cream Dream, is milk chocolate with, you guessed it, Bailey’s Irish Cream. Of course, if you’re at the Melting Pot for one of their delicious entrée options, they offer everything from filet mignon medallions, to twin lobster tails. These entrees can either be precooked with a variety of sauces, or you can cook them yourself in a bouillon broth of your choice.

No matter what you’re craving, be it silky smooth chocolate, cheesy fondue, or delectable cuts of meat and seafood, Melting Pot is sure to satisfy every craving you can possibly imagine, all in one neat little package.

Which Type Of Computer Bag Is Right For You?

If you’re looking to purchase a computer backpack there’s an endless selection to choose from online. You can find computer bags in every size, style and color you can dream of. There are some companies who will even allow you to design your own laptop bag if they don’t have something you like in their standard stock. When you’re deciding what type of computer bag to purchase there’s a few considerations you might want to think about before you spend your money.
When looking at computer backpacks the first feature you should consider is the size of the bag. Will your notebook fit inside or is the bag too small? You also don’t want to buy a backpack that’s too big for your computer otherwise it will be jostled around and could easily break.
You definitely don’t want your computer hanging out in your bag along with everything else you have stored inside. Make sure the bag has a separate compartment for storing your laptop and securing it tightly against the bag. This prevents the computer from shuffling around while you walk and becoming damaged. Having a separate compartment also makes it much easier to access your computer when you need to get it out of your bag. You don’t need to worry about the other contents of your bag spilling out whenever you need to pull out your laptop.
Some computer backpacks come with a protective shell which adds an additional layer of padding against your laptop. While this does a lot to keep your computer safe it does create additional weight for you to carry around. Although the extra insurance might be worth it if you do a lot of traveling during your commute to work or school. You also want to do everything you can to protect your laptop which is a big investment especially if you have a lot of important files stored on it.
When looking at bags for your computer you’ll notice that there’s many different styles available including messenger bags, briefcases, and backpacks. You’ll have to take into consideration where you need to travel and what else you need to carry along with your computer when deciding what type to purchase.
If you need to transport cables and a small printer in addition to your laptop you’ll definitely need to invest in a larger type of computer backpack. Something like a slim briefcase probably isn’t going to work for you. Some of the larger bags also have room for additional items like notebook paper, writing utensils, and other electronic accessories like an iPod or Nintendo DS. While style is an important consideration when selecting which computer backpack to purchase you want to make sure that your laptop is kept safe and secure during your travels.